For Freedom

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For Freedom

Postby Seiya on Mon Jul 13, 2015 1:50 am

A Sleepless Night Production Presents

In partnership with Lauren's unedited scribblings

An I Should Be Sleeping Presentation

...I don't think my painkillers are strong enough... XD

For Freedom

Jaideth stood watching her only grandchild who was sat by the moonwell. It seemed as though she had got away from the demon. Good. Yet there was a terrible mess left in her wake. She knew the girl would not return to face imprisonment and possibly death - because they could not afford another Drakesfire incident, especially from one of his kin.

She knew that the girl could not spend her life looking over her shoulder either. No, she had to die. Her hand wrapped around the sole pendant that she wore. She smiled. Perfect.

She approached the moonwell, watching Seiya as she spoke. “I see that you have come to the few senses that you own, child.”

Seiya tensed as she heard her grandmother’s voice from behind, cold and sharp as always. Her jaw clenched and she exhaled slowly before turning to face the older woman. “Jaideth.”

Jaideth smiled, although it was not a pleasant or warm expression as she regarded her wayward granddaughter, looking at her eyes closely. It was just a weak illusion. “You have at least the sense and decency to hide your true nature.”

“What are you doing here?” Seiya asked.

“I came to see what the current situation with you was,” she answered, stepping closer to the moonwell. “You are getting help?”

Seiya nodded slowly, turning her head slightly while keeping an eye on the other woman. “I am being cleansed.”

“That is something,” Jaideth murmured. “What changed your mind?”

Seiya bowed her head, exhaling slowly. “Her eyes were on Thondalar...and a friend helped me with the rest.” She looked at the older woman. “He is the only family that I have alive that has not turned on me.”

“You brought it on yourself you foolish child.” Jaideth stated calmly, rearranging the skirt of her dress as she sat down, watching her granddaughter steadily. “However, these things happen. It found you at your most desperate and took advantage, as they do. Unfortunately, you cannot continue as you are, cleansed or not.”

Seiya picked a piece of thread from the skirt of her dress, fixing her gaze on it, remaining silent.

“I doubt I can convince you to come back and face your actions, hm?” She commented.

Seiya shook her head, “We both know that a trial would end in my death - if I was lucky.” She sighed.

Jaideth smiled slightly and inclined her head. “Indeed. Word is going to be sent to Stormwind, you will not even find refuge in your home there. The only option that you have is to die.”

Seiya stood and backed down the steps of the well. “Stay away from me.”

The old mage looked at her patiently. “I am not going to kill you child so come and sit back down.”

The younger woman frowned, watching her warily, but slowly edged back to the well. “What do you mean?”

Jaideth took a pendant from around her neck, frosty runic patterns glowing on both sides of the silvery disc. “This will create a new image for you, the majority will not be able to sense it, and those who can will likely just believe it is a basic enchantment. As long as you wear it, the illusion will hold.” She sighed softly. “I shall return home to Darnassus and report in that Seiya Shadowfury is dead. She got free of the demon but it found and killed her. Make sure that your...friends here are aware of this, hm?”

Seiya took the pendant, her fingers running over the very intricate work as her brow knitted. So this was her only option? To become a ghost and take up a new life? How would she even begin to do that?

“I have had that pendant for eight millennia , I am very attuned to it’s magic, and if I sense it or you near Darnassus, I will take action, do you understand?”

Seiya closed her eyes briefly, her head bowing. She just stared at the pendant as it rested in her lap. “...yes,” she answered.

“Goodbye, Maedia Snowsong.”

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Re: For Freedom

Postby Aariam on Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:30 am

Ooh... I foresee interesting things happening. :D

I quite liked the read!
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